2018 Nielsen Norman Group Intranet Design Awarded to Bonzai Intranet Client

The Nielsen Norman Intranet Design award for an intranet created on Bonzai validates that achieving an award-winning intranet does not require a huge investment or involve a lot of complexity. Organizations have the option to choose a managed, pre-built intranet platform that meets their needs and focus on developing great content or building additional functionality that’s important to their business,” details Denise Ching, director of solution delivery at Bonzai.

Like many organizations, this award-winning Bonzai Intranet services hundreds of employees in multiple locations across the United States and Canada, which meant that central, up-to-date and digestible information became critical to keeping the entire workforce informed and engaged while keeping the intranet platform and intranet content sustainable.

Beyond the Bonzai Intranet platform, Bonzai was able to help their award-winning intranet client to reorganize and refine their intranet content moving on to the Bonzai intranet platform. Leveraging Bonzai’s best practice methodologies, Bonzai Intranet helped their client eliminate hundreds of intranet content pages on the new intranet while providing the ability to designating page-level ownership on their Bonzai intranet to help the intranet remain relevant over time.

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