50 Creative Intranet Launch Ideas: try these today for intranet success

Updated June 26th, 2020. A new intranet can significantly improve your workplace; but that success isn’t going to happen on its own. To ensure the success of your intranet you need a focused, dedicated, and creative intranet launch strategy.

Here are 50 real-world intranet launch ideas you can use to propel your intranet (or extranet[1]). We’ve grouped launch ideas to correspond with your intranet launch timeline and stages.

Involved employees feel more ownership in the intranet process, which is why this is a vital part of an intranet launch. Spark excitement and relieve concerns by offering employees a sneak peek into their new intranet.

Idea #1: Involve key employees in product evaluation

Include employees in early intranet discussions and learn how your new intranet software[2] can help them. Our article on 15 ways to engage users in launching a social intranet offers tips on including employees in product evaluation.[3]

Idea #2: Encourage employees to participate in intranet research

Employee feedback is essential to designing a useful, usable intranet. Get employees to participate in card sorting and task testing activities for your new intranet. Not only will you end up with a stronger navigation, but you’ll also show employees that you value their input.[4][5]

Idea #3: Give employees a say in your intranet name

What’s in an intranet name? Well, if one person determines the name, not so much. But, if you run an exercise that allows all employees to suggest and vote on names for the intranet, then the name will be exciting and engaging. For a step-by-step guide, see our article on Crowdsourcing the name for a new social intranet. Also, see Stephen Schillerwein’s long list of real intranet names.[6][7]

Oxfam intranet

Oxfam America held a naming contest to come up with the intranet name Padare. Learn how[8]

Idea #4: Send out postcard teasers

Oxfam America distributed postcards to every employee prior to their launch. The postcards said “Take me home with you!” in big bold letters and included:

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