50 Creative Intranet Launch Ideas: try these today for intranet success

  • Reduce the effort required for users to fill in their profiles
  • Ensure the people directory shows rich data and connections
  • Enable personalized news delivery based on group membership

Idea #11: Build a contributor community beforehand

If you’ve engaged your intranet stakeholders and power users ahead of time, this step should happen quite naturally. The key is to get your content owners, news authors, and group owners involved before launch. See our article on how to manage intranet contributors for long-term success for specific tips and guides.[12]

Idea #12: Write an internal press release

Some employees just want the specifics. By creating and circulating an internal announcement or press release you can concisely educate employees ahead of time on what your your intranet is called, how to navigate it, and most importantly, why it exists.

Idea #13: Have a pre-launch focus group lunch

Focus groups are important in determining how your users feel about your intranet prior to launch. Take this small group out for lunch to discuss how they feel about the upcoming launch, and ask if they have any feedback to share. Be sure to include potential tech laggards in this group too!

Idea #14: Have a countdown clock

A countdown clock reminds employees of when an old intranet (or way of doing things) will be retired. It also sets firm expectations about change. To prepare users for a new intranet, one of our customers actually made the top banner of their old intranet look like it was decaying.

intranet countdown clock

Idea #15: Create a target persona

Depending on your product or service, you likely have a target persona, or ideal customer. Give that persona a name and a dedicated spot on your intranet. Having this information visible to all employees will go a long way in reinforcing your core business to your employees.

Idea #16: Include it in a town hall meeting 

There are few events that attract employee wide attention like a corporate town hall.  These company wide meetings are a great opportunity to get everyone’s eyes on your new intranet. It’s also an ideal way to show employees that leadership supports and values a new intranet. 

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