50 Creative Intranet Launch Ideas: try these today for intranet success

Idea #22: Hold a No-meeting Day

Penn State advertised a No-meeting Day when all employees could spend time exploring the new intranet. Office-workers’ common distaste for excessive meetings fuelled excitement for No-meeting Day and, consequently, the new intranet.

no meeting day

Idea #23: Host an intranet drop-in lounge (with snacks!)

Informal get-to-know-you sessions can help employees ask questions and learn about your new intranet in a non-intimidating environment. Don’t forget the cookies and pizza!

Idea #24: Put your intranet on the big screen

Display your new intranet wherever possible, including any big TV screens. The TV in reception, or the kitchen, or even the small screen in the elevator — show off the intranet everywhere you can.

Idea #25: Play Intranet Bingo

It’s important employees become familiar with your intranet’s features and functionality as soon as possible, and Intranet Bingo can help. To play, simply distribute Bingo cards that list things like employee titles, departments, or group names in a bingo format, and then instruct participants to look it up on the intranet. The first person to successfully complete the activities and get five in a row wins a prize. By hosting an Intranet Bingo game, you can challenge employees to successfully navigate your intranet in a fun and creative way.

Idea #26: Plan the launch around a sporting event

Consider coordinating an intranet launch party around a specific sporting event. For example, you could host a your party to coincide with an MLB game, and provide employees with a loot bag full of Big League Chew, sunflower seeds, and a postcard that highlights important intranet information.

Idea #27: Throw a baby shower!

One of our clients held a New Baby celebration when they launched their intranet. The named their intranet Mark and promoted his arrival by announcing “Come celebrate! Mark is born!”

Idea #28: Hire an influencer

Love them or loathe them, there is little doubt that influencers can have a dynamic impact on marketing. Hiring an influencer to promote your new intranet may seem completely out of your budget, but sites like cameo.com actually make it easy (and affordable) to get personalized messages from celebrities. 

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