50 Creative Intranet Launch Ideas: try these today for intranet success

Idea #39: Announce new employees

Announcing employees on your intranet is not only a great way to showcase new employees, but it’s also a good opportunity to involve new staff in your intranet from their very first day.

Idea #40: Post a quiz of the week

Creative quizzes have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years thanks to sites like BuzzFeed. Why not feature one on your intranet? They are a fun way to learn about your coworkers. After all, who doesn’t want to discover which Full House character they look like the most? Or which state they should really live in?

Idea #41: Create employee avatars

Why use regular employee photos when you can have creative sketches and avatars instead? Thanks to freelance service like Fiverr, it’s easy and affordable to manage these illustrations.

Idea #42: Feature an employee of the week

A large component of intranets revolve around your people, so why not individually celebrate them? Dedicate space on your intranet to showcase not only an employee’s role within the company, but also to highlight their interests and achievements.

Idea #43: Publicize your intranet goals

Your intranet should have attainable goals and metrics, so why not make it visible to the entire organization? When employees see the intranet metrics[23] for themselves they will be more invested in the adoption and success of your intranet.  

Idea #44: Change up your header

Keeping your intranet fresh and dynamic is a great way to keep employees returning. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is by taking advantage of customization opportunities—like the header on your intranet homepage. A few of our customers change this up frequently, as seen below with Central1 Credit Union.

intranet header

Idea #45: Send email newsletters

Once your new intranet is up and running you’ll have plenty of news; especially if you’ve enabled news authors throughout the organization. By sending a weekly email with links to popular news, you can reach employees in their inboxes. People can easily scan the news digests and follow links to stories that interest them. ThoughtFarmer has this feature built in—you just need to turn it on in the admin panel.[24]

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