How to Launch a Company Intranet Site [8 Step Guide, Updated for 2018]

Setting up your company intranet site can, at first, seem like a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be.
Developing a company intranet is a high visibility project which everyone at your company will potentially use and have input upon. Getting it right means your company has a chance to have all employees work more efficiently and collaboratively, helping your organization achieve its goals. But it does require planning, as well as support from your leadership team.
If you are embarking on an intranet design or intranet redesign project, here are the 8 important steps you need to plan, design and launch a successful intranet project for your company.

1. Assemble your project team

As a starting point to your intranet design project, you’ll want to assemble a project team. The intranet design team doesn’t have to be large. But there should be some key stakeholders from the departments who will have the greatest responsibility and impact on the intranet, usually the HR and IT department. You’ll also want to have someone on your executive or management team as your “project champion”. This comes in handy when you need someone to fight any internal political or budget battles that can impede the project from moving forward.

2. Pick an Intranet Platform

Nowadays, there are many options for your company intranet. These include:
1. Enterprise software, such as Microsoft Sharepoint[1]
2. SAAS solutions, such as MyHub[2] Intranet
3. WordPress-based private Intranet, such as Woffice, [3]which can exist on your own hosting account or server.

Traditionally, companies have built intranet sites based on options #1 or #2 above. But with the popularity of the WordPress CMS platform for corporate websites, companies are discovering that they can build a WordPress intranet site. WordPress intranet sites come with all the flexibility in design built into WordPress for regular public facing sites, plus the security and privacy features they need. The advantage of a WordPress intranet site is that once the platform is set up, you own it and aren’t obligated to continue to pay monthly software fees, such as with hosted solutions like Sharepoint and other Intranet SaaS solutions.

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