Social Intranet Business Software Unvieled by MangoApps

SEATTLE, WA February 15, 2010 – MangoApps[1], has developed a smart set of communication and social intranet business software tools designed to boost daily productivity.  MangoApps is the missing ingredient to make social intranet business software truly effective for business communication. MangoApps is the first product of its kind to seamlessly combine enterprise social networking with enterprise-grade Instant Messaging to enable open and immediate communication.

In addition to the features businesses have come to expect in the new breed of enterprise social intranet business software (microblogging, follow/follower news feeds, user profiles, project team collaboration and file sharing) MangoApps also integrates one-on-one instant messaging, group chat and presence throughout.

“Efficient employee communication through a software platform is vital to every business,” said Anup Kejriwal[2], CEO and founder of MangoApps. “Over the last 15 years, employees around the world have relied on email, IM, intranets, and blogs to talk to each other, share news and information and collaborate on projects. MangoApps is the natural evolution of these communication and collaboration solutions. The current tools used to accomplish daily tasks don’t provide the open and immediate communication needed to conduct an efficient business.”

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